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We begin with an email consultation to decide the overall goal and direction of the shoot and eventually move to a phone consultation to help outline your shoot in more detail. I do not try to fit you into a mold or photograph you in the same way as everyone who has come before you. Instead, each session is unique. We develop a concept and bring that concept to life as you as the star. Maybe your vision is a scene from a film noir movie. Perhaps you love vibrant colors and movement. Maybe your essence is more “Vanity Fair”. Whatever your dream and vision, we will work to bring the pieces together for images that truly wow. We can be real or we can be fantasy. This is your day and your shoot! If you do not have a vision for your photo shoot, do not worry, I will work with you to help build a shoot that fits your personality and style.



Getting to know a bit about you will help me to help you in the concept development process. I’ll ask you a series of questions to figure out what you love, the visuals you are attracted to, the purposes of the shoot, the subjects of the shoot, and more.



A mood board or storyboard is a collection of images that help define the direction of the shoot. It helps us figure out the styling, lighting, and how the shoot feels. We will build a mood board to guide the shoot and define our creative vision.



We will discuss the desired color palette for your shoot. Perhaps there are certain colors associated with your brand. Maybe you wish to match colors to the colors in your home decor. Maybe there is a certain color(s) you always wear to get compliments.



The wardrobe may be an important element of your shoot depending upon the concept. We will discuss which components you can provide, which we can rent  and if appropriate, hiring a professional wardrobe stylist to take your looks to the next level. If you are supplying your clothing please send snapshots of you in the outfits so we can determine what is appropriate for the shoot. I am happy to supply you with a list of resources to acquire the needed looks for rental, purchase or custom designs. Whether you want simple and timeless or avant garde and over the top, I’ve got you covered. Whatever your dream, we can make it happen! 



Professional hair and makeup will help you look and feel your absolute best on the shoot. Styling may help you feel more confident and to shine in front of the camera. It will help transform you into the vision for your shoot. My team of artists will help bring the shoot to life.


Once we have established the goals/uses and final mood boards, I will gather my creative team and elements to bring the portrait to life. I will provide a checklist of what you need to bring to the shoot and what you need to do in preparation for the shoot. These may include haircut, hair color, manicure and waxing. We will provide a call sheet outlining the day’s schedule, times, locations and more. Typically you will need to bring your own undergarments (nude bra, strapless bra and any shapewear appropriate to the looks selected). And bring shoes to fit your looks. Together we will decide your ideal looks. If a professional stylist is hired, you need to provide all your sizes and measurements, so she can acquire pieces perfect for you.



On the day of your shoot you will arrive at the studio, on time, well rested and ready to create stunning images with me. No need to be anxious, I’ll walk you through the entire process. The two essential things we focus on are your comfort and creating beautiful images. The day begins with the team going over the mood boards to reaffirm the direction of the shoot. You will meet the creative team and begin with hair and makeup application. In makeup, we start with a natural look and then build to anything more dramatic. We will listen to music of your choice. An in studio photo shoot typically takes 4-6 hours from start to finish. We generally like to start as early in the day as possible. Pro hair and makeup will take a while so you will have plenty of time to wake up if you are not a morning person. We meet in my studio in West Palm Beach to get you prepped. As we progress along the day you will be shown a few of the images in the camera to approve and give feedback before we proceed. This is to ensure that you are loving what we are creating!



You will be provided with an online gallery of at least 60 images of the best captures of the day. I will personally suggest some of my favorites based upon my years of professional experience but am open to others that really sing to you. I suggest waiting at least 24 hours and viewing the pictures several times before making the selections. Once the images are selected they will be sent to the retoucher to help reduce any distractions (blemishes, etc.) and to perfect the images. I personally will color grade the selections, toning them to achieve the desired mood. Images can be delivered as digital files but are also available in a range of fine art prints. I am happy to help you in the selection process as to how your final images should be printed and displayed.

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